Consulting on LNG solutions in the shipping industry

MKO Marine Consulting GmbH’s extensive know-how in the area of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is based on the development of the LNG Hybrid Barge. A significant part of this lighthouse project was developed by Max Kommorowski at Becker Marine Systems. The mobile solution based on this, the becker LNG PowerPac®, was also significantly influenced by Max Kommorowski during technical development.

The LNG Hybrid Barge is the first ship in Germany to be operated using LNG. Construction of the barge was accompanied by many procedures for ship certification and onshore approvals. This one-of-a-kind expertise in design, operation and practical application is a unique selling point of MKO Marine Consulting GmbH and to our customers’ advantage.

Experience and expertise in LNG:

  • Development and dimensioning of LNG systems for the operation of gas-powered engines
  • Successful introduction of LNG as fuel for operating gas engine generator sets and dual-fuel engines in Hamburg
  • Development and dimensioning of LNG systems for supplying power to batteries for the operation of hybrid propulsion systems on ships
  • Development of the Becker LNG PowerPac® for supplying power to container ships as a mobile alternative to an onshore power connection, successful implementation up to product maturity as a container-based solution
  • Development of a technical solution for the onshore infrastructure of an stand-alone 11KV power grid for supplying cruise ships in Hamburg in accordance with ISO 80005
  • Development, implementation and successful operation of the LNG Hybrid Barge as a combined technical solution (60Hz/11KV in summer operation to supply cruise ships, 50Hz/10KV CHP in winter operation for the supply of electricity and heat in onshore infrastructure)
  • Interdisciplinary coordination during development and operation of the LNG Hybrid Barge with a major cruise line, the Hamburg Port Authority as well as classification societies and authorities
  • Performance of three German Federal Immission Control Act procedures for summer, standby and winter operation of the LNG Hybrid Barge
  • An excellent network in Hamburg administrative policy (Economic, Environmental and Interior authorities) as well as to the Hamburg Port Authority
  • A well-established network with international port authorities

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